How to order new Slip Covers

Breathe new life into your couch and revive your slipcover couch. As an additional service, we offer our customers the opportunity to have new slipcovers made for their Coricraft slipcover couch. Choose from a selection of slipcover appropriate fabrics to refresh and revamp your couch.

How to order

Need a new slipcover for your Coricraft Couch?

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How to measure your couch

When ordering a new slipcover for your Coricraft couch, it’s important you measure your couch correctly to ensure the best fit. Read on for our guide to measuring your couch:

Step 1: Measure your couch’s width from outside arm to outside arm.
Step 2: Measure the width of each seat and back cushions.
Step 3: Measure the depth of your back and seat cushions from front to back.
Step 4: Measure the depth of your couch’s arms.

How to order

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How to order

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